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Indiabulls Golf City – Homes for an Active Lifestyle

Indiabulls Golf City- Homes for an Active Lifestyle

Living an active lifestyle is something that the homebuyers of today are interested in. However, what defines an active lifestyle and how can your residence contribute towards it? Having a residence, which helps you live an active lifestyle, is a part of a concept called Wellness lifestyle. According to the Global Wellness Institute, Wellness lifestyle in real estate means, homes and buildings, which are proactively designed to support the holistic health of their residents. Indiabulls Real Estate has always strived to provide its residents with the best of amenities. Taking into consideration the active lifestyle concept, Indiabulls Real Estate has constructed a perfect property that fits this definition.

Indiabulls Golf City is a residential property by Indiabulls Real Estate, which encourages homebuyers to live an active lifestyle. Here is everything you need to know about Indiabulls Golf City.

Features That Make Indiabulls Golf City an Ideal Place for Active Living

1. An Active Minds Abode

Indiabulls Golf City is designed in such a way that living in any part of this 300-acre residential estate will fill you with energy. This is a property in Savroli, near Khopoli which has a lot of green space as compared to other parts of Mumbai city. Indiabulls Golf City offers a stunning view of the Sahyadris and a lot of open spaces with small water bodies It is equipped with recreational facilities for every member of your family. This helps a family to stay active together.

2. A Multipurpose Clubhouse To Stay Active

Indiabulls Golf City houses a host of amenities. It has a multipurpose court, pool table, cricket net, table tennis and many such amenities. It also has a multipurpose clubhouse. Having a clubhouse in a residential property is essential as it can help you engage through different activities. Other amenities such as a sitting plaza, children’s play area, foosball, etc. make Indiabulls Golf City a holistic residential estate for healthy living.

3. Fitness Facilities

It gets difficult to spend more time on fitness when the days go by in commuting to and from work. Indiabulls Golf city has a solution to this problem. The Gym, Swimming Pool, the pathway/walking track are all situated right near the residences and can give you the chance to get fit again without setting out.

4. Mini Golf Courses

Mini Golf courses give you a taste of affordable luxury at Indiabulls Golf City. These golf courses are the perfect opportunity to bond with your family. These golf courses have provisions such as golf holes with bunker, waterbody etc. If you are a beginner in the sport of golf, these courses can serve as your training ground too.

5. Easy Access to Weekend Getaways

Indiabulls Golf City is situated at a strategic location. You can easily drive away to weekend getaways such as Tiger Point and Bhushi Dam in Lonavala (15-minute drive), Kashid beach in Alibaug (1-hour drive), Karnala Bird Sanctuary (40-minute drive).

6. Location Advantage

Savroli is a quaint location in the Khalapur Taluka, houses Indiabulls Golf City. This property near Khopoli is situated right near the Khapalur toll plaza, which is located on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Indiabulls Golf City is a peaceful place to have an abode and has quick access to following points in Mumbai:

  • Navi Mumbai: 20 minutes*
  • South Mumbai- 75 minutes*

Residents of the Indiabulls Golf City can also reap the benefits of the nearby Khalapur Smart City. This soon to become smart city will change the face of the adjoining areas, providing even more opportunities for business and investments.

Along with amenities to help you stay active, Indiabulls Golf City also gives you an experience of affordable luxury with the intricately build homes inspired by Spanish architecture. Have a perfect work-life balance here at Indiabulls Golf City and live a healthy life with your family.