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Indiabulls Golf City- An Opportunity to Live a Stress-Free Life

Live a Stress Free Lifestyle at Indiabulls Golf City

Mumbai is the city of hustle. Here, finding the perfect work-life balance is something everyone tries to achieve. In such a situation, where you live plays an important part. You need to have a home, which keeps you healthy and active. Such a home should have all the right kind of amenities, and features, which make it a perfect fit for a stress-free life. You get such an opportunity to live an active lifestyle at Indiabulls Golf City.

Indiabulls Golf City: Live Active, Live Connected

1. Live in The lap Of Nature

Indiabulls Golf City is situated right in the midst of the Sahyadri hills in Savroli. Living in the lap of nature automatically makes you feel good. Here at Indiabulls Golf City, you can experience life which is brimming with vibrant spaces and lush greenery. This property near Khopoli gives you a chance at a pollution-free life.

2. Stay Well-Connected

Indiabulls Golf City is located in Savroli which is a calm destination in the tehsil of Khalapur. This property is located adjacent to the proposed smart city of Khalapur. It is also well connected to Mumbai and Pune as it lies right on the Mumbai Pune Expressway. Indiabulls Golf City is also closer to Panvel, which is a full-fledged business and entertainment district. Living here can give you the perfect work-life balance.

3. Amenities For An Active Life

Indiabulls Golf City is designed in such a way that even living here every day might seem like a retreat. You will definitely get up from your bed even on lazy Sundays to explore the outdoors. Indiabulls Golf City is equipped with amenities which will leave you spoilt for choice. From Outdoor Games, Cricket nets, Table tennis to the Pool table, there are many ways to spend your day here. The expansive clubhouse can keep you occupied with various activities.

4. Mini Golf Course: Get a Taste of Affordable Luxury

One thing which makes Indiabulls Golf City different is the presence of mini-golf courses on its property. These golf-courses are apt to help you get used to the sport. If you are someone who would like to learn how to play golf, then we have just the right thing you need. Indiabulls Golf City Savroli lets you experience affordable luxury and having a golf course on its premises is an indicator of that.

Times are changing and homebuyers are now looking for destinations that offer an active lifestyle that reduces the stress of a city lifestyle. Indiabulls Golf City is a property, which defines how to live a healthy and active lifestyle. With lush greenery, golf courses, premium and spacious homes your home can be your retreat option as well. If not this, then you have locations such as Lonavala, which is a 15-minute drive, and Kashid beach, which is an hour’s drive away. What more can one ask for? Indiabulls Golf City is the ideal location for you to invest in properties in Savroli and have a healthy and bright future for you and your family.