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7 Advantages of Open Spaces in & around Homes

Advantages of Open Spaces for Property in Mumbai

Buying a property in Mumbai can be a dream of many. However, people rush into buying a property they get and settle for a compact and close-spaced house. They say you live only once, so live to the fullest by enjoying the privileges of a luxury home. Invest in homes that not only provide you with a comfortable living space but also have open spaces.

As life in the city of dreams can be chaotic, it is essential to have a home with open spaces in Mumbai. Open plan house or open spaces in buildings contribute to a healthy lifestyle. You can stay active, get some fresh air, and relax in nature’s arms.

While speaking about open spaces, Indiabulls Real Estate has plush properties, Indiabulls Golf City, Indiabulls Sky Forest and Indiabulls Blu Estate & Club that offer abundant open spaces. These lavish properties feature open spaces in buildings and around them. The luxury homes here have open-viewing areas and podium gardens. Be it unwinding yourself by watching the skyline or the Arabian Sea or bonding with other residents in the garden area; these features make the properties one of the exquisite places to live in.

Here are some advantages of open spaces in and around homes:

1. Space for recreational activities

You can enjoy your favorite book in the reading corner of your open plan house or play with your kids in a safe play area of the garden. The senior citizens in the family can take a walk in the open spaces. Indiabulls Real Estate provides property in Mumbai with open spaces that offer amenities such as gym area, garden, play area, sitting plaza, senior citizen plaza, pool, library, and more.

2. Active lifestyle

In today’s hustle-bustle and polluted environment, one needs to stay fit. The open spaces include garden area, playground, walking track, and more. You can breathe in the fresh air, meditate, play, or take a stroll. It will not only help you to relax but also help you lead an active lifestyle.

3. Social interaction

Open spaces in buildings can promote social interaction. You can host parties, have a family gathering, interact with other residents in the garden area, participate in recreational activities, and do a lot more. Indiabulls Sky Forest features duplex apartments with an open-viewing area where you can bond with your family members or enjoy solace alone. Nothing can beat barbecue nights with relatives or stargazing with friends—enjoy all of these at the comfort of your home.

Luxury homes with open spaces in Mumbai are a huge need to live in a stress-free, pollution-free, and natural environment. Open spaces improve the quality of life. Hence, the properties by Indiabulls Real Estate promote open spaces. They have received environmental clearance for Indiabulls Sky Forest, Indiabulls Golf City, and other such projects. With an aim to change the luxury-living experience to a modernized active lifestyle, Indiabulls Real Estate properties comprise of thoughtfully designed luxury homes with open spaces.