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5 Ways to Turn Your Ordinary Home into A Smart Home

5 Ways to Turn Your Ordinary Home into A Smart Home

Technology is making our lives easier by the day. Smart technology is a trend, which only seems to go upwards. With so many people welcoming technology in their lives, it is not a surprise that smart technology has entered our homes too. A smart home is a concept that is attracting many homebuyers. From having a smart lighting solution that changes as per your mood, to devices which can help you maintain the temperature in your house, technology has made convenience a priority. With just the click or tap on your smartphone, you can make your house do your work. If you have invested in luxury homes, then converting them into smart homes is a game changer. Here we share a few ways through which you can use home automation in your favour and turn your home into a smart home.

1. Smart Gadgets for Homes

Gadgets are something which can make our life easier if used for the right purpose. For a smart home, there are many gadgets available to make your life simpler. The following gadgets can convert your home into a smart home.

I. Smart Speakers
More than smart speakers, we know them as voice assistants. These voice assistants work on your command and do as you say. Imagine making brunch on a lazy Sunday and you need some music? Voice assistants will come to the rescue.

II. Smart Plugs
These plugs connect to a smartphone via WiFi or Bluetooth and allow you to control the appliance connected to the plug.

III. Smart Hub
A smart hub is a hub which lets you control multiple things such as control lights, locks, appliances, electronics and more.

2. Smart Lightings

The smart lighting solution is something that has created a buzz. Controlling lights with sensor technologies makes things easier. It helps you get the best from your lighting solution. Smart lighting solutions also help you to live a sustainable, cost-efficient and resource-efficient life. You can use smart lighting for both indoors and outdoors. You can improve the energy efficiency and performance too.

3. Security and Fire Safety

Keeping your home safe and secure from any malfunction is a top priority. There are many gadgets which can help you with this. Video door phone, secured door locks, intrusion alarm system, surveillance camera, Smoke or Fire Alarm system etc, are a few options for smart home security solutions.

4. Room Temperature

Having control of your home temperature is something you need in such changing climatic conditions. Smart thermostats can help you with this. A smart thermostat helps you control the heat or air-conditioning in your house. It also detects and saves energy when you are not at home.

5. Smart Cleaning

The bigger the house, the more time you need to spend after cleaning it. If you are living in two bedroom apartments or 3bhk flats, then you will find smart cleaning solutions helpful. Gadgets such as a robot vacuum, air purifier, superfast scrubber, microwave cleaner, dual compartment trashcans, etc are few of the many, which can help you, clean your house easily.

There are many residential properties, which can be a perfect fit to be converted into smart homes. A luxury home or a premium apartment, which is also a smart home, is the perfect add on to your investment.