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Home Décor and Maintenance Tips for this Monsoon

Home Décor and Maintenance Tips for this Monsoon

Monsoon is knocking at your doorstep with the freshness of nature. As soon as the rains arrive in Mumbai, it is time to enjoy the much-awaited bliss of showers and the Mumbai Chai. Imagine living in your luxury home with an open balcony and sipping hot chai or coffee as it is raining outside. It sounds like a perfect rainy afternoon in Mumbai, isn’t it? Of all the places in Mumbai, if you have a home in a locality with lush greenery, then you will absolutely fall in love with the rains. Panvel is one such city that still has a lot of green cover and is less of a concrete jungle. If you own a property in Panvel, then monsoons will be your favorite season. How about sprucing up the decor of your house to give you the ultimate monsoon feels? Here we share a few home decor tips to brighten up your monsoon.

1. Usher Nature into Your Home with Flowers

A Flower vase in a room

All those vases which you bought from the thrift shops can now be finally used. So bring out those vases and the empty wine bottles. Bring in flowers such as Tulips, Lilies, or any flowers you can find nearby and let them float in the vessels filled with water. These flowers add a pop of color to your room when it’s dark and gloomy outside.

2. Get Some Swanky Umbrella Stands

Umbrella stand near entrance

Your umbrella becomes your savior and your new best friend in the monsoons. Get yourself a quirky umbrella stand and add a dash of eccentricity to your living room. Make sure you keep the umbrella stand near the entrance so that you do not have to clean a trail of water.

3. Use Of Sheer Fabrics To Dress Your Windows

Sheer Curtains on windows in a living room

The weather can become gloomy in the monsoons. While it is apt for reminiscing but you do not want your house to look gloomy too. One thing which can cheer up your home is to remove those heavy drapes and dress your windows with sheer fabrics. These are also easy to wash and lessen your hassle of maintaining them.

4. Use Aromatic Candles In The Living Room

Scented candles in a living room

If you own a flat in Panvel, then you have exposure to a natural backdrop. With serene nature on the outside, lighten up your indoors with scented candles. Grab a stylish tray and fill it with scented candles. This way, you can also fight off the musty and moldy smell of the rains.

5. Hanging Wind Chimes

Hanging wind chimes

As the winds blow and the rains pitter-patter, the calming sounds of the wind chime can definitely cradle you to sleep. Their whimsical sounds add a transfixed zeal to your room.

Monsoons come with a set of terms and conditions. Here are a few things for which you need to be prepared before the downpour.

1. Termite Proofing your Homes

If you have a lot of wooden decor in your house, then you need to termite proof it to avoid any infestations.

2. Use of Waterproof paints

You might want to save the exteriors of your house from harsh rains. Paint them with waterproof paints and keep your home from getting whitewashed by the rains.

3. Safety measure for Electrical Systems

Check your electric sockets for quality wires. This is the most crucial task to do. Make sure no wires are exposed.

4. Avoid carpets

Carpets are difficult to handle in monsoons. They become smelly because of the moisture in the atmosphere. Avoid carpets and rugs at all costs in the rain.

5. Cleaning your Refrigerator

This should be a monthly chore than taking it up like a monsoon maintenance task. You can defrost the fridge and vacuum the coils. This can also boost the efficiency of the refrigerator.

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