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How to Make Your Luxury House Totally Zen

A Luxury House With Calm Indoors

Zen Buddhism is an ancient aesthetic philosophy. Over the centuries, the use of the words ‘Wabi’and ‘Sabi’ have evolved. Wabi is traditionally referenced to living alone in nature but now connotes natural simplicity and quietness. While Sabi, once considered lean, chill or withered, now connotes the beauty and serenity of objects. With age it is now considered as a physical representation of flawed, natural beauty.

This pared-down style is timeless, but at its core, it’s connected to mindfulness, paying closer attention to the surroundings. If your home is tied to your well-being, then it is definitely worth the effort to make some changes. Here we have broken down the ideas that will bring simplicity and Zen in your luxury apartments.

Neutral Color Is the Key

Natural colors, in soft tones, such as white, grey, shades of beige or pink beige, brings in the sense of relaxation and calm. It is very important to keep a chromatic harmony between the various elements and the visual continuity between walls, furniture, and floors. Clean white walls can open up space and natural tones are soothing and easy on the eyes.

Soft and Natural Light

Bring in the natural light which means it should be calming and nature-inspired like candles. Avoid curtains and tear down walls that block windows to maximize the amount of light that comes in. A clean look for luxury homes should include white lights. Zen designs are both minimalist and elegant so everything in the room should calm the spirit and the eye.

Declutter your Home

The aim is to let go of attachments. The idea of going Zen is to be clean, clear and organized. Get rid of unwanted things and reconsider the ones you need. Being mindful isn’t just about aesthetics. De-cluttering a messy surface makes the place look spacious and cleaner. You can think of it as detoxification of mind and body. Cleaning up your space on a daily basis can help you to start every day fresh with clarity.

Furniture and Storage Spaces

Getting rid of all the clutter is hard but with so much stuff around it’s harder to maintain a Zen aesthetic. High-quality furniture made of natural materials is a good choice as these bring a sense of warmth and relaxation. Stylish storage and furniture is the key to make your luxury house look pleasing, organized and tidy.

Florals & Greenery

For a clean, minimalist style, it’s even more important to bring a little bit of life into your space with indoor plants. Florals and plants instantly create an inviting atmosphere which also works as a daily exercise in mindfulness. Avoid flowers that need special maintenance or may emanate disturbing scents. In Zen décor, Bonsai trees or hanging terrariums are the perfect addition for your home.

Zen design is often admired for its unique simplicity and minimalist approach. It promotes the feeling of serenity in your home. One such property in Panvel that promotes a Zen lifestyle is Indiabulls Park. Its architectural brilliance is elegant. Luxury flats in Indiabulls Park can become your place of Zen and calm with the abundance of nature.