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Eco-friendly Home Décor Ideas for Ganesh Utsav

Eco-friendly Home Decor ideas for Ganesh Utsav

The time for festivals is right around the corner. Indian festivals bring pomp and joy in our lives and this is what is showcased in our homes too. Ganesh Chaturthi is something which is loved by every Indian. The 11 days of pure joy and faith are celebrated with festive zeal. This is when you start sprucing up your house to make it look delightful and cheery just like the festivals are.

But, the idea of decorating luxury homes for Ganesh Chaturthi has seen a shift in terms of being environment-friendly. Ganesh Chaturthi is one festival which brings out the creativity in people who prefer decorating their homes based on different themes each year. Here we share a few ways in which you can have an eco-friendly home decor to welcome the Elephant God in your house. Right from decoration to the idol of Ganesh, everything has an eco-friendly option. These ideas are not only simple hacks but can also make your festival environment-friendly.

1. Use of Clay for Decoration

Clay is something which has always been a preference when it comes to making eco-friendly decoration ideas. For Ganesh Chaturthi, you can now get clay idols instead of the POP idols which have a hard time decomposing and also harm the environment. You can make earthen diyas and use those to decorate the stairs in your duplex house.

2. Flowers for Home Decor

Flowers have always been the choice to add some freshness and colour to any home. You can use flowers to add a festive spirit to your house by creatively arranging them. Flowers such as Roses, Marigold, Mogra are bright in colour and also make the room feel fresher. You can arrange these flowers in Urlis or glass bowls, you can also floating candles etc to this decoration.

3. Paper Quilling

Paper quilling is something which is easy to do and is also environment-friendly. Paper quilling can be used to make decorative items such as flowers, petals etc. You get readymade shapes as well which you can buy from the market if not quill. Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the many festivals which can bring a family together. Doing all the decorations together with one’s family is the highlight of the festival. Paper quilling is something to which the whole family can contribute.

4. Vertical Garden

If you live in a duplex house, there is no dearth of space. For decoration, you can choose a wall and convert it into a vertical garden. This can add to the home decor and can function as a backdrop for the Ganesh Idol.

Real estate builders in Mumbai have already taken steps to build luxury flats in Mumbai, which are environment-friendly. Having an eco-friendly celebration then becomes the right thing to do. Along with the decoration, make sure that everything else is eco-friendly as well. For e.g. you can give away plastic wrapping for the Prasad and use eco-friendly food wraps instead? You can also use biodegradable cutlery. Make sure the celebration is plastic-free. Do your bit to save the environment.