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5 Reasons That Make Mumbai the Most Livable City in India

5 Reasons That Make Mumbai the Most Livable City in India

Mumbai is one city in which everybody has thought of living once. The allure of this city attracts all kinds of people. Along with the inclusion of RERA act, real estate in Mumbai has become a much safer option for investments. This act has brought about a sense of security among home dwellers as real estate builders now have to follow strict rules for residential projects in Mumbai.

But what makes Mumbai an ideal city to live in? Here are some reasons which make Mumbai livable and also where you can create a good life for yourself.

1. Bearable Weather

Mumbai has pleasant weather from November to March. Yes, the summers are too much but there is a respite in the charming weather of Mumbai monsoons. Monsoons are when Mumbai puts you into a lull and makes you slow down and appreciate nature. Imagine having a sea view flat in Mumbai with rain pouring outside and you sipping a cup of hot chai with some Pakoras? Living the dream, isn’t it?

2. Security

As the widely known fact goes, Mumbai is a city that never sleeps. Hence, this city is safe at any time of the day or night. Buzzing nightlife, proper security measures at all places can make life safer in Mumbai. This is one reason why many people prefer investing in property in Mumbai than any other city. All housing and commercial complexes in Mumbai have security measures and flats in Mumbai come with security measures too.

3. Connectivity

When it comes to connectivity and commuting in this city, there are ample options. Public transport is the easiest way to reach any part of the city. Local trains, buses, taxis, metro, monorail all these connect various parts of Mumbai to each other. It is not just commuting in the city but Mumbai is well connected to other cities too.

4. City of Opportunities

Mumbai is truly the city of opportunities. It has something for everybody. No matter what your goals are, this city gives you a winning shot at it. Major Corporates and businesses in the country have their headquarters in Mumbai. This has seen a rise in the building of luxury residential projects in Mumbai and also investments in commercial property.

5. Cosmopolitan Crowd

Mumbai is as posh as it can get. With many big stalwarts and businessmen having their residences here, you can easily expect to come across them. From upmarket shopping locales to street shopping, from beautiful, cozy and luxurious restaurants to street food, you can find all kinds of people mingling with each other.

Real estate in Mumbai can be considered as a good investment option. Also living in Mumbai leads to upgrading your lifestyle too. Real estate developers in Mumbai have different kinds of projects involving luxury homes to affordable housing. With so many positive factors to make this city the most livable one, why not own an abode here?