Indiabulls Finance Center - Amenities

Dining options

For a commercial complex of the size of Indiabulls Finance Centre, where hundreds of personnel come for work every day, large sized cafeterias are a necessity. To cater to the top-notch corporate palate, Indiabulls Finance Centre houses a couple of restaurants & cafes.

Coffee Bar

The coffee shop – The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – is situated on the far end of the lobby, secluded from the ongoing thoroughfare, against the lofty glass walls with a landscaping view outside. It is a chic coffee shop serving a range of delicacies along with delectable coffee, a prefect breakout place for busy executives.

Lifts and Lobbies

Indiabulls Finance Centre’s central theme makes working here an absolute delight. Building intelligent infrastructure is essential, so is the need to create a sense of belonging as soon as one enters the building. To achieve this desired effect, the lobbies spread out sideways whilst the distance between the entrance and the lift cores is kept to the bare minimum.

There are 3 banks of high speed elevators in the three towers. The lifts are of an international make finished with elegantly upholstered walls.

Car Parking and Taxi Services

The driveway to the car park is a short distance that takes you into a parking space that is divided into three basements and three podium levels connected to the lobbies by shuttle elevators. It is manned by traffic management personnel who direct the cars to the nearest possible parking slot. The basement lifts offer visitor direct access into the building.

Fitness Centre

Indiabulls Finance Centre will host a state-of-the-art fitness centre that has modern training and exercise equipment and large designated spaces for dynamic group exercise programs.

Security Systems

Indiabulls Finance Centre is built strategically, gratifying the concept of centralised building management systems that control, monitor and optimise building services with 100% backup support.

The security checks for personnel working in the offices at Indiabulls Finance Centre are largely non-intrusive. Smart cards have been employed to grant and restrict access. Proximity cards have been used to control vehicular access to parking facilities. An intruder alarm system has been installed to detect and avoid any unauthorised intrusion. Duress alarms, multiple redundant data infrastructure for telecom providers, public address system for announcement or alarms, perimeter protection and anti-blast film on windows are some of the other security features.

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