Panvel – A Smart Investment Choice

There’s no denying that Panvel has become one of the fastest growing real estate hotspots in today’s time – an area which is gaining immense popularity amongst nuclear families, senior citizens, NRIs and home buyers alike. With Indiabulls Park, located in the heart of Panvel, it is seamlessly connected to major junctions and main highways that meet and pass through the city.

Here are some highlights regarding growth and why the trend shall continue in 2017:

5 Interesting Things to Know About the Navi Mumbai International Airport

Navi Mumbai is all set to witness newer heights of connectivity with the International Airport soon to undergo construction after the GVK-led Mumbai International Airport Limited (MIAL) won the bid to develop it on February 14, 2017. The new International Airport that will open in 2019 will pave a way for seamless connectivity in Navi Mumbai. The development will bring about welcome changes and attract new projects in the area, making it viable for investment. It will not only enhance easy travel but also put Navi Mumbai on the world map! For the residents of Indiabulls Park, Panvel this new development is set to bring the world to your doorstep.

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Here’s a peek into what awaits you with the construction of the Navi Mumbai International Airport.

The city of Mumbai and 7 views that marvel

When we picture a relaxing afternoon by the window, it’s difficult to imagine it without a view that enthralls, thus bringing out an array of positive emotions. The metropolis of Mumbai is a global city in the making with beautiful neighborhoods, and a world of scenic views that thrill – here’s a few that you should delight in:

Nothing less than exclusive in the heart of Worli

What makes Mumbai special is the coastline of the majestic Arabian Sea, attracting millions from all around the world to relax and veer into its beauty. A sea-facing home in the city certainly sounds like a dream, but when you wing it in the prime locale of South Mumbai, you know you’re in for a steal! The city planning of Mumbai gives only a few blocks of land direct access to the sea, which makes Worli one of the most refined locales to make your address. If you’re looking out to purchase a home in its neighborhood, slate out the amenities and offerings that best fit your lifestyle – then look out for apartments, streamlining them to the one that you fancy most.

Feng Shui tips for moving into your new house

Is it time to shift to your dream home soon? Moving into a new home is one of the best times to use feng shui to create a space of freshness, clarity, and happiness. We’re here to help with some tips to move into your new house to ensure that new beginnings lead to happy and prosperous living.

Panvel – the hottest investment hub

Looking back at the rice market legacy, it’s easy to say that Panvel has made major advancement in its 300 year history. Not only is it the most developed and planned neighborhood in Navi Mumbai, it is the gold mine of plum realty projects with tremendous growth potential and prominence. Integrated residential centres by renowned builders, over the years, have transformed the landscape of Panvel, attracting big-buck investments.

5 Indian Cities leading the ‘One Price Trend’ charts

The most crucial real estate variable that determines the supply and demand, along with the general health of the economy and realty market is Price. It is invariably the most studied factor that is responsible for leading your investment decisions in the best light. The list below pegs cosmopolitan cities that best reflect a ‘one price trend’, a holistic index that gauges price movements of localities across regions in each city – so you know which part of the country you should look for your dream home and plan your investments early on!